Natural light all the way whenever available. In every room think about the lighting. Open blinds, choose rooms with great natural light when possible. Turn off lights and lamps to avoid yellowish unflattering lighting. Natural is always best.

Prepare the room

Whether it's a newborn session or the room you are getting ready in for your big day, the more you can unclutter the happier you will be with your images. I do my best to clear out what I can and work around what's in the room, but a clean canvas always makes for a better final product.

wedding invitations + details

Always try to keep a clean set of invitations available and bring them with you on your wedding day (or task a trusty friend). Also consider anything else you may want captured - special gifts or meaningful mementos. I would also recommend a nice hanger for your wedding gown. In addition, I come prepared with ring boxes, ribbon and other details to help complete the look.